Monday, January 5, 2015


The turn of the New Year is the single most important time to reflect on your life. In fact, we all naturally do it. We do it because it’s one of the only milestones that continue to remind us of the importance of time. It forces us to reflect on our achievements and re-evaluate our future. Many people commit to goals that focus on healthy lifestyle changes such as weight loss, exercise etc.  Research suggests that while 50% of individuals make New Year’s resolutions, only 12% achieve their goals. New Year resolutions are fantastic, but why is it that most New Year resolutions do not stick?  Most resolutions are too vague, too hard and too spontaneous. You're better off taking the time to think things through and putting the necessary preparation into place so that you have a chance of succeeding.
The following tips will ensure that the changes you implement this year are more sustainable:
    • Think of what you would have in your ideal life, and where you’d like to be in one, two, or even three years, and see if your lifestyle goals bring you closer to that picture. If so, they’re good goals to stick with. If you can keep in your mind the image of where you would ultimately like your goals to take you, it’s easier to stick with them.
    • Don’t wait until you feel inspired or feel like you are in the mood to do something. Motivation is typically generated when we engage in a behavior. Just begin now and your chances of accomplishing the goal will significantly increase.
    • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Whatever you do, make sure you take daily action towards your New Year resolution. Daily action will create some serious momentum and propel you well on your way to success. Make it a habit to do what you do and work towards your resolution. Sticking with your goal through adversity and challenge is what separates success from failure.
    • Connecting with others who share similar goals can be inspiring and motivating. If you are unable to meet your goals on your own, consider seeking professional help. Professionals can help you gain insight into a problem, identify your lifestyle goals, and work with you to achieve them.

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