Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sugar…Sweet but Dangerous!!

There’s no doubt that most people are addicted to sugar. We consume too much sugar per person per year. We live in a society that constantly feels the “need” to reward every single good job with sweet treats. After a few years of " rewarding" the outcome is obvious, both psychologically and physically! So it might be helpful to find out what that means – what sugar really is, what food value it has, and what problems it causes.
Around the world, a growing body of expert opinion – the 'No Sugar’ movement – is leading a global fightback and warning that our sweet habit is completely out of control. Sugar, whether added to food by you or the manufacturer, is the greatest threat to human health. Recent studies show that sugar, perhaps more than salt, contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease. Evidence is growing too, that eating too much sugar can lead to fatty liver disease, obesity, kidney disease and Type 2 diabetes. Ironically, most people know that excess sugar is dangerous yet they can’t resist. And the reason for that is pretty simple. Sugar is addictive. And the food industry is doing everything it can to keep us hooked. Check my next post to learn the difference between natural sugar and processed sugar.

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